Condom Week U.K.

National Condom Week is celebrated both in the US and in the United Kingdom, but unlike in the US where the week is set for the same week every year (Feb. 14th – 21st), the dates for National Condom Week UK change each year. National Condom Week UK is sponsored by Durex.

National Condom Week UK is one of the leading sexual health campaigns organized in England and is organized with the aim of educating young adults about safer sex, to raise awareness of the risks involved with having sex and to reinforce the fact that using a condom is the only way to protect against both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

National Condom Week UK focuses on delivering the safer sex message to young adults through sexual health professionals, both in family planning and genitourinary medicine clinics.

As part of National Condom Week UK in the past, Durex sent a series of powerful, clear and straightforward “facts booklets” and mini posters to approximately 4,000 health care professionals across the UK. These educational materials identified the risks and problems associated with having sex and how they can be avoided while still enjoying a full, healthy sex life. The information makes it clear that condom use is the best way to protect an individual’s sexual health and that, far from diminishing the pleasure of sex, condoms can enhance it.

Health care professionals in the UK who would like more information about National Condom Week UK can email [email protected] for more information.